Transform your home with quality that Lasts

Posted on 19th May 2020

Are you looking for protective coatings at your walls?

NSW Spray Coatings Specialist (NSWSCS) Pty Ltd is a specialized company in the protective coating. This company is a new division of the parent company Zoran The Pty Ltd. Zoran was a leading company in the field of painting for over 20 years and specialized in Electrostatic Painting and fire resistance paintings work. Now, NSWSCS is delivering the best in this field. NSWSCS, the best company in Fire Rating Spraying, and are trusted house painters in Sydney and can provide you with the quality that lasts.

The Services NSWSCS provides:

1. Get Best FireProofing with NSWSCS:

Here the chemicals suspended to the heat- a chemical reaction’ works. The chemicals are exposed to heat and begin to react after softening. It creates foam after releasing vapours. Then, this foam solidifies into the black insulating material. They are the most experienced in the field of Painters.
The two main products are used for the chemical reaction that can be fire protected in this process-
a. firefree88, which is a premium quality water-based non-toxic coating that is used for roof ceiling assemblies and floor-ceiling assemblies. The experts of NSWSCS make sure that fire resistant products are correctly installed and Certified to Australian Standards, which is enough to fulfil their quality.
FF88 is mainly recommended for residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial projects. It gives the satin-touch to your walls.
b. Cafe SPRAY FILM WB3 for steel-based products. It’s a water-based intumescent coating consisting of polyvinyl acetate resins and fillers for the protection of structural steel. It gives the quality to the work by spraying with airless paint.

2. Try something new with Electrostatic Spray Painting:

Transform your home with quality that Lasts

In this process, the principle of ‘opposites attracts’ work. It works on metals and plastics. The item to be painted is negatively charged and the paint has a positive charge, which is sprayed by using nozzle spray. The positive and negative charges attract the paint and then wraps around the object being painted. It provides a smooth, hard enamel finish. It is the most cost-effective method. It is mainly used in homes and yards. Garage doors, aluminium doors, grills, windows, lift doors etc are painted by this method.

3. Paint your home with Dulux Acousticoat Professional:

It mainly works by replacing acoustic ceiling tiles. It gives the whiter, brighter and consistently looking ceilings. It works as sound barriers for homes. It can be the perfect solution for office and other commercial spaces. It is used on uncoated ceiling tiles to act as noise reduction barriers.

NSWSCS can really help to reduce your expenses as they are the best providers of Soundproofing in Sydney. Opting acoustic ceiling painting can really give the fresh look to your ceilings with the smartest way. Acoustic painting can work as the noise barriers for homes and gets you the most comfortable living.

I got you the best solution to paint your home with the experts. Check their quality and get the chance!  Contact NSWSCS today at 1800 825 258.