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NSW Spray Coatings Specialist in Northern Beach

If you’re looking for a spray coating specialist, one that is qualified and certified to provide exclusive spray coating services, then you’ve come to the right place. At NSW Spray Coatings Specialist, we are a team of dedicated professionals who deliver premium results every single time. We take each job that comes our way seriously and provide top quality service. Our goal is to give customers long lasting results. If there’s one thing that we don’t tolerate here at NSW Spray Coatings Specialist, it’s mediocrity. We are perfectionists who demand the best from each of our employee.

Northern Beaches

More about NSW Spray Coatings Specialist

We are a company devoted to providing our customers with the best quality services. We believe in perfection and give each of our projects nothing less than the best that we have got. Our cost effective, top quality, specialty services and our professional and highly skilled team is what sets us apart from other companies. We are one of the very few Spray Coating Specialists offering the exclusive services such as Fire rating, acoustic spray coating and electrostatic spray painting in Sydney.

Why Choose Us?

  • We use premium quality materials and the best equipment to provide you with excellent results.
  • Our professionals are all well trained in industry best practices and always follow guidelines and protocol.
  • We understand that when spray coating services are under way, it can disrupt your business. And that is why we do our best to finish the project as quickly as possible. We don’t just believe in working hard, we also believe in working efficiently to complete projects on schedule.
  • We are absolute professionals, so when we finish up work, before leaving the site, we clean up after ourselves.

What We Can Do for You

NSW Spray Coatings Specialist has a lot to offer their customers. We are home to some of the most skilled and experienced painters in all of Australia! Our professional work will leave your premises looking neat and clean. We offer the following services:

Acoustic Coating Services

With our premium quality acoustic coats, you can block out the noise of the outside world. You can use this coating in studios, auditoriums, halls,
libraries, theatres, nightclubs, bedrooms etc. Any place that you wish to ‘coat with silence’. Acoustic spray coating can be used on various surfaces, from metal to plasterboard and timber to concrete. Contact us for more information about this service.

Fire Rating Spraying Services

Fires can cause intense damage to your premises and result in a heavy and expensive loss. It is thus advisable to be well prepared for the worst possible scenario. Fire rated coats prevent the spreading of fire by forming a thick layer of char that offers passive fire protection. NSW Spray Coatings Specialist is experienced when it comes to Fire Rating Spraying. Talk to us today to find out all about this service and how it can help your business or residence.

Electrostatic Spray Coating Services

This is an extremely cost-effective and reliable way of coating metal surfaces uniformly, especially if they are hard to paint with regular methods. Electrostatic spray coats spread out in every nook and cranny, so you get a neat, even finish. They also help reduce overspray, so there is minimal product wastage. Electrostatic spray coating offers a very aesthetic matte finish to metal surfaces. So whether it’s railings, metal doors, windows or any other metal surface, electrostatic spray painting will offer long lasting results and even help prevent rust.

If you’re interested in one of our services or just require some additional information about us, please contact us at 1800 825 258 and we will be more than happy to help you.