The Need for Electrostatic Spray Painting from NSWSCS

Posted on 24th April 2020

Electrostatic spray painting as done by NSWSCS helps in painting the entire metal surface in the property. If you are the owner of a new property or are planning to buy an on-going construction then it is important that you take the necessary actions before moving in the new property. Using electrostatic paint on all the metal surfaces in the property will prove to be a wise decision.

What is electrostatic paint?

Electrostatic paint is using positive particles to paint any metal surface by using a magnetic field to implement paint to metals and numerous types of plastics. The paint is based on the principle that the opposite attracts and thus a negatively charged object is painted with a positive charge. The result of attraction is a durable, smooth, and thick finish to the surface. 

The need for Electrostatic spray painting from NSWSCS

Importance of electrostatic spray painting is as follows:

  1. Finish– electrostatic paint brings excellent finish and smoothness to the metal surfaces
  2. Protects– electrostatic paint acts as a shield on the metal to protect them from water and trust.
  3. Adds life– electrostatic paint adds life to the old metal parts and helps them to look new.
  4. Cost-saving– as the paint adds life to the old, rusted, chipped off metal surfaces it proves to be cost-saving as there is no need to buy new metal.
  5. Dustproof– the electrostatic paint is dustproof and therefore does not require regular cleaning.

The reasons to hire NSWSCS is as follows:

  1. 100% professional job is done as the team has experts who have years of experience and training in the field of electrostatic paint. Thus very good quality paint is done which will thoroughly satisfy you.
  2. The end result of the work done by us is immaculate and lasts in good condition for many years to come.
  3. We have a panel of experts who can help you with the best recommendation regarding colours and their combinations.
  4. There is no compromise on the quality rather the best quality products and materials are used to give the best results.
  5. We use the products as specified by the manufacturer, and use proven methods and standard application to get the best results.
  6. We provide excellent quality work using top quality products but at the most competitive prices. Our pricing policy is justified and there is absolutely no hidden cost. Rather the price that we quote is the final price and there are no hidden expenses to shock our clients.
  7. We are very efficient in our work. This quality ensures that the work is completed well within deadlines and there is minimal downtime for the clients. Our experts are highly skilled and experienced in their job thus in the fastest time the work is done without affecting the quality.


It is important to get the electrostatic paint done from a professional so as to ensure a safe, peaceful, and long life to the property. Contact NSWSCS today at 1800 825 258.