How Intumescent Products Work? Intumescent products are made of a series of chemicals suspended in a binder. When the binder is exposed to heat it begins to soften, which allows the suspended chemicals to the heat. The chemicals begin to react, which releases vapors that create a foam. A carbonisation occurs and the foam solidifies into a black insulating material that is often referred to as char.

The video here shows how the intumescent paint expands to provide protection from heat. It is important to note that the product is not burning. Instead, a chemical reaction is taking place that builds up an insulating material that protects the underlying material from the heat.

We use two different products to cover the different surfaces that can be fire protected.

  • FF88 to for materials/ surfaces made of timber, ceiling panels and plaster boards etc.
  • Cafco SPRAYFILM WB3 for steel based products

Firefree 88-“FF88”

FF88 is a premium quality water based, non toxic, thin film intumescent fire retardant and resistant coating fully tested to provide fire ratings required by the International Building Code for wall assemblies, floor/ceilings assemblies, roof ceiling assemblies and individual structural members.

Fire Resistant Product Installation And Certification

It is of the utmost importance that fire resistant products are correctly installed and Certified to Australian Standards to ensure their effectiveness.

Why we use FF88?


FF88 is a cost efficient, easy to use, single component fire retardant and resistant coating formulated to provide timed fire resistant ratings for the construction, transportation and insulation industries.

Over the past several years, Firefree88 has been widely demonstrated and tested. Based on prescribed testing, FF88 has clearly demonstrated that, depending on the dry mil thickness applied to walls, ceilings and other construction assemblies and materials, it can resist a fire up to 2000° Fahrenheit for up to two hours and can contribute to the containment of fire.

The product is cost efficient: as a result of its' superior fire resistant performance, only a relatively thin layer of FF88 will be required.

FF88 is a high quality, non-toxic, water based retardant and resistant (matte) paint with excellent adhesion and durability.

In most cases, FF88 will be self-priming, thus resulting in additional cost savings. FF88 can be applied to a wide range of combustible materials and assemblies: including gypsum board, wood, lather and plaster, embossed tin, thin gauge metal, foam, foam composite panels, fiberglass, carbon fibre and other composite materials.

Where you should use FF88

Its use is recommended for residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial projects including schools, dormitories, assisted living, hospice care, nursing homes,hotels and motels, restaurants and shops.

Without intumescent products like FF88, when the initial materials burn, fire will penetrate walls and ceilings, leading to their rapid deterioration and a resulting spread of the flames to adjoining rooms.

Additionally, the penetration of the fire in the walls and ceilings will contribute to the fire itself as it becomes fuel to the initial flames.

With intumescent products like FF88, walls and ceilings will resist fire penetration thereby helping to contain the initial fire to the room of origin.

We believe in working with you to keep your environment safe from out of control fires.

Internal Fire Resistant Paint applications

  • Now Heritage buildings can find fire rating solutions where original ceilings can be restored rather than replaced AND thin film technology means minimal loss of detail to decorative or ornate finishes.
  • You can fire rate ceilings effectively and quickly e.g. nursing homes,hospitals, schools etc.
  • You can use this fire rated paint for upgrading/refurbishing ceilings and walls without having to replace these areas with linings. A major cost saving in labour, time and materials.
  • 60 & 90 minute passive fire solutions tested to Australian Standards
  • Areas can be fire rated in days, not weeks!

Applications include: Timber Framing, Timber Cladding, Structural deck and pergola columns, Underfloor areas, Roof space ember attack areas, Power poles, External timber, Fences.

Features include:

  • Non flammable intumescent coating
  • Expands under heat to provide an insulation layer
  • Provides oxygen starvation to substrate
  • Self Priming
  • Exterior rated
  • Flexible
  • Water based Low VOC coating
  • Can be top coated
  • Simple application process

“These paints are suitable for both internal and external applications and provide up to 2 hours protection”

Firefree 88® (Ff88) is a water-based latex coating/paint, and its application is similar to applying a regular water-based latex paint. Ff88 can be applied by airless sprayer, roller or brush.



Ff88 comes in a white, satin finish. If a different color or finish is desired, Ff88 can be top coated with most premium paints to achieve the desired color and finish.

Inspection & Certification

All surfaces to which Ff88 have been applied will be inspected once works are completed and prior to top coats being applied. A reading is taken using a specialised device called a Positector to verify that Ff88 has been properly applied in the required uniform thickness to provide the desired time for fire protection.

Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 Promat

Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 Promat – fire protection for Structural Steel Column & Beam Coating For Building & Construction Industries

Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 Promat is a water based intumescent coating consisting of polyvinyl acetate resins and llers for the re protection of structural steel. It is preferably spray applied with airless paint equipment for speed and quality of finish. Brush and roller application is also possible. Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 Promat can be sealed and protected with a decorative top coat.

This product is applied directly to the contour of primed I and H section columns, angles, channels and beams and both square and circular hollow sections, to provide re protection for up to 120 minutes.

In a fire, a chemical reaction takes place causing the Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 to expand and form an insulating layer which slows the temperature of the steel rising to a critical level.

Fire resistance

Steel structures protected with Cafco SPRAYFILM ®  WB3 Promat have undergone fire resistance tests up to 120 minutes in approved independent laboratories to recognised standards throughout the world, including:

  • Australia (AS 1530: Part 4: 2005)
  • Steel loses its loadbearing capacity at a temperature in excess of 550°C during a fire; therefore structural steel protection with intumescent coatings is required to preserve the stability of the building structure in the event of fire. All Promat products and systems have been tested at Australian accredited laboratories around the world to AS 1530: Part 4. Other standards available on request.

  • Provides fire resistance for up to 120 minutes in accordance with BS 476: Part 21 and up to 180 minutes in accordance with AS 1530: Part 4 and AS 4100
  • Durable and decorative finish
  • Steelwork may be left exposed to view
  • Chemical and abuse resistant
  • Can be top coated to match surroundings
  • Easy application and clean up with water
  • Fast drying time.

Inspection & Certification

All surfaces to which Cafco SPRAYFILM have been applied will be inspected once works are completed and prior to any top coat being applied. A reading is taken using a specialised device called a Positector to verify that the product has been properly applied in the required uniform thickness to provide the desired time for fire protection. These fire resistance test results are assessed in accordance with provided specs unique to that job.

  • Fire Proofing
  • Fire resistance
  • Firefree 88-“FF88”
  • Fire Resistant

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