The Services We Offer at NSW Spray Coatings Specialist

Giving your property a new look can be a big decision, whether it’s a residential or commercial building. Any wrong decisions you make along the way can have a drastic impact in the future. At NSWSCS, we offer specialist spray coating services such as fire rating, electrostatic and acoustic spray coating.

Fire Rating Spraying

Our fire protection spray coating is one of the most sought-after services in commercial and industrial sectors. Basically, Fire protective coating offers passive fire protection. From residential buildings to industrial and commercial buildings, fire protective coatings have been widely used across different sectors. Typically, the fire rating spraying helps preserve the structural integrity of a building in case of a fire emergency. The steel ‘bones’ are protected, thereby ensuring that the building does not collapse. While passive fire protection does not promise total damage control, it can minimise the severity of the damage and improve the fire safety of a building.

Electrostatic Spray Painting

Electrostatic spray painting offers an outstanding, protective coating for steel including railings, fencing, window frames, gates, grills or any other steelwork that requires a neat, smooth finish. Electrostatic spray painting is particularly popular in commercial and industrial painting, as large surfaces of steel need to be painted and this method offers the fastest results with the least amount of overspray or wastage. It is an economical solution that offers very pleasing results. The thorough coating also helps protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion, thereby helping them last longer.

Acoustic Spray Coating

Last but not the least, we offer acoustic spray coating for reverberation control. The spray can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as timber, plasterboard, metal or concrete. The spray coating has a standard white finish but can be painted to match the interiors of a building or space. Acoustic spray coating is an ideal solution for many different avenues, from conference halls to loading docks and theatres. If you need noise reduction or reverberation management, then acoustic spray coating is the most budget-friendly and convenient option for you.

Why Customers Choose Us?

  • We are reliable and trustworthy, with a solid reputation in the industry as one of the most experienced Spray Coating Specialists in Sydney and NSW.
  • We offer upfront quotes and are transparent with our pricing, so customers don’t have to worry about receiving an inflated bill, with hidden costs when the project is completed.
  • We stick to deadlines and offer time and cost-effective services. We deliver what we promise.
  • We are meticulous with our work, providing an immaculate finish that adds aesthetic appeal and improves the look and feel of a space.

We Strive for Excellence and Consistently Deliver Stellar Results

Our customers are assured of quality. We make it our priority to deliver exceptional results that go well beyond our customers expectations. When you choose us, from the initial consultation to the clean-up after the job is completed, we will tackle each stage of the project with absolute professionalism and dedication. We’ve built our long list of clienteles by going above and beyond to service our clients.

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