Fire Proofing a Savior

Posted on 16th July 2020

Fire is a best friend in terms of survival but can be the worst enemy in a few seconds.

In olden days almost two hundred years ago, fires were frequent because the houses were built out of wood and the other “fire happy” materials. Electricity was a dream for many people, and the fire was used as electricity for cooking through candles or burning lamps. It is about the olden times, but if we talk generally, we have many things in our house that are open to open flames and can any time come in touch with fire. One small sparking which can turn into a big fire and destroy all the things. Fire can happen at any time.

People leave their homes to work and spend a lot of time outside. It is necessary to keep our house and ourselves safe from the fire. Everything in life is unpredictable, and things can be worse if not taken care of. For keeping ourselves safe from fire in the house, there is a need for FireProofing. The Fire Proofing has an intumescent fire retardant made up of the specific chemicals mixed in a binder. When this binder gets exposed to heat, it gradually softens. The chemical starts reacting and creates a foam by releasing the vapours. Foam turns into a black solid, which is called char.

We at NSWSCS use two types of material:

  1. FF88 or FireFree 88, which is used for making timber, ceiling fans, etc. Its quality is non-toxic and water-based, has a thin film of intumescent fire retardant and fire-resistant coating, which keeps the ceiling and individual safe from fire.
  2. Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 for the products that are steel based.


Fire Proofing a Savior

Why FireProofing is a great idea:

  1. It protects the house from the fire.
  2. It lets you stay out of the home without any worries.
  3. You can protect your loved ones from any fire.

Why is Intumescent coating good?

  1. The labour costs are low.
  2. It is easy to apply, and a single layer of it is enough to protect from the fire.
  3. On-site costs are saved because it applies fast and can be easily used.
  4. It works excellent in moist or wet conditions; also, it absorbs the moisture and works smoothly.
    Overspray is less.
  5. It does not require a lot of maintenance because it has a strong bond.

Fireproofing Sydney is an excellent idea for everyone; it gives you satisfaction about house safety and safety for your loved ones. Though fireproofing is a great idea, we should always take safety measures ourselves. We should not overload the power outlet if we use the generator or solar-powered device at home. Always watch out while throwing the cigarettes and placing the candles near any explosive material. We should always be extra careful when you store the combustible materials. You should know how to use a fire extinguisher in case of any emergency.

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