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NSWSCS is your local spray coating specialist offering residential, commercial and industrial spray coating services in Eastern Suburb Sydney. Our team is committed to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Eastern Suburbs Sydney

What Sets Us Apart from The Rest?

There are several things that sets us apart, such as:

We offer specialised spray coating services

We are one of the few spray coating specialists in Sydney, offering Fire Rating Spraying, Acoustic Spray Coating and Electrostatic Spray Painting services.

We are licensed and certified

We are a licensed and certified spray coating specialist. Every member of our team is carefully selected based on their experience and skill. So, when you choose us, you can be assured of a pleasant experience, right from the first point of contact up until the completion of the project.

Safety & security

NSW Spray Coatings Specialist provides accountability, insurance, and bonding which is why our clients feel safe in their decision to choose us.

Our Speciality Services

Electrostatic Spray Painting

Electrostatic painting is an advanced technique performed by NSW Spray Coatings Specialists for industrial and commercial painting contracts to provide spectacular painting for metal surfaces. This procedure is perfect for painting metal objects such as machinery, assembly lines, railings, furniture, windows and doors etc. Electrostatic painting is not only durable but also looks very attractive.

The specialised spraying equipment atomises and electrically charges the particles of paint, which causes them to repel each other and distribute evenly after exiting the spray nozzle. The metal object to be painted is oppositely charged so the paint particles get attracted to it resulting in evenly distributed and incredibly smooth paint that can resist the build-up of dirt, oil and bacteria for years.

The various advantages of the electrostatic painting:

1. It even paints hard-to-reach parts of the metal equipment.
2. There is no overspray or waste of paint which results in little to no mess.
3. It gives a factory-finished look to any metal item.

We have a lot of experience when it comes to Electrostatic Spray Painting. We carefully follow instructions and guidelines when it comes to the application of the paint for stellar results.

Acoustic Spray Coating

If you are looking for an easy and cost-efficient solution to reduce noise in your residence or business premises, then acoustic spray coating is the ideal choice for you. The acoustic coating creates an impenetrable barrier to block decibels at any frequency, reducing sound transmission significantly. Following are the reasons why acoustic spray coating is such a popular option for many businesses:

  • Affordable
  • Non-invasive
  • Versatile
  • Easy spray application
  • Effective results
  • Non-toxic
  • Neat, clean finish
  • Mould & mildew resistant
  • Anti-microbial

Get in Touch with Us

NSW Spray Coatings Specialist is the leading expert when it comes to Fire, Acoustic and Electrostatic spray painting in Sydney. Call us today at 1800 825 258. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your queries or provide you with an estimate for your project.