What Is Electrostatic Spray, And How It Is Effective To Use?

Posted on 14th November 2019

Electrostatic painting is a method that uses a magnetic field to implement paint to metals and numerous types of plastics. The principle behind this technology is “opposite attracts.” Here the object is painted a negative change, and paint is a positive charge, which causes attraction. The result of this attraction is durable, smooth, and also gives thick paint to finish. Static electric is experienced by the people when they touch the metal after walking across the carpet.

Electrostatic Spray Painting

Then Shock! This shock happens because the friction of their shoes on the carpet serves to develop an electric charge in the body. When a metal object is then touched, which is grounded, results in electrical discharge produces an electric shock. An electrostatic field and magnetic field both are relatable, because a charged object provides an electrostatic field. If the purpose has abundance in the number of its electrons, then this is recognized to be negatively charged if the number of electrons in its environment is less than it gets positive charge. If both electrostatic objects have oppositely charged particles, then they will be attracted to one another. This is the theory behind electrostatic Spray Painting.

In electrostatic painting, the painted object receives a negative charge of a negatively charged electrode that looks related to a battery cable. The paint contains a positive charge, and it is then sprayed by using a rotating nozzle. Both the positive and negative charges attract the paint just like a magnet does to the metal surfaces. The paint always seeks objects that are grounded and “covers” around the object being painted. This happens because the particular attraction between the opposing charges is so powerful, and the charge will pull the paint encompassing the purpose, completely coating the surface. From every direction, the metal is statically attracted to the paint, so overspray doesn’t cause any mess. Now you can imagine how this might work with wrought iron fence painting. For example; the colour would be sprinkled on, and it would encircle around and adhere to whole area offense back. Again there would be no mess, and if it is then very little. In the case of the paint and spray loss or unused, then they do not do overspray.

The benefits of using the Electrostatic Painting Sydney are countless; due to the electromagnetic field, the finish is painted, which gives a smooth, hard, and enamel finish. You can easily control the thickness of this paint as it is cost-effective and saves both time and colour. Just because of its uniform application, it is immaculate to use. The surface of the painted object non-porous. That is why it looks hygienic and impenetrable to chemicals that are used for cleaning.

Electrostatic painting is beneficial, along with a cost-effective, it is also the cleanest method used for painting. It applies to conductive surfaces, and also it contributes a smooth finish. It provides a stable and permanent coating that will survive for years to expand. In factories, this process has been used for many years.