What Intumescent Paints Protect Your Business Premises From? Fire.

Posted on 21th April 2019

Intumescent paints are fire retardant paints. As their name suggests, what they do to your business premises is fireproof them. You should consider using intumescent paints in your business if it is housed in an industrial warehouse or office building with a lot of structural steel in it. When fires occur, they heat steel to temperatures they can no longer take. This is what causes buildings to collapse. Fireproof paints give the steel used in buildings and industrial warehouses a specialised chemical coating that improves its ability to withstand heat.

In a fire, every second count. And when you add strength to steel using fireproof or intumescent paint, you give people – your staff, namely – a few more precious minutes to leave the building – alive.

Fire Proofing Sydney

Which companies sell intumescent or fireproof paints?

All the major paint manufacturers have an Intumescent or fireproof paint brand in their stable. Promat is Australia’s leading manufacturer of Their product, Cafco® SPRAYFILM WB3, is world-class when it comes to protecting structural steel from heat. When Promat CAFCO SPRAYFILM WB30 is used with the specialised paint products of major brands like Dulux or Taubmans, they reduce the risk fire poses to your building and the people working inside it.

When should you use intumescent or fireproof paints?

You should use intumescent or fireproof paints when your business premises are housed in a building whose weight is primarily borne by structural steel.

Steel loses its load-bearing capacity when temperatures exceed 550 degrees centigrade. Think- the Twin Towers. When the fuel from the aircraft engines burst into flames, temperatures rose above 550 degrees centigrade. The steel beams lost their ability to bear the weight of the two buildings and so they both came crashing down.

Are fireproof paints expensive?

Not when you consider the lives they can potentially save when you use them properly. Not all painters are allowed to use fireproof paints. To use these paints, you must be trained in their application. Fire retardant or intumescent paints are a worthwhile investment because they your building – and the assets inside them.

When you choose to fireproof your premises, you must choose a painter who has specialist expertise in chemical undercoats

NSWSCS Sydney is one such painter. The Specialist Fireproof Paint division of Zoran Painting, NSWSCS is certified to paint your building premises with fireproof paints. Experienced, NSWSCS Specialist Fireproof Painters Sydney understand the issues that fire can pose to a business in addition to the insurance that covers it.

They take no chances with your commercial Painting Projects as a result. They do a job that you can be sure will always be best in class – delivering value to your business for many years to come.

To discuss how you can fire-proof your building with intumescent paints, please call NSWSCS Specialist Spray Coatings on 1800 825 258 or fill the enquiry form.