Protecting The Structural Steel In Your Warehouse With Intumescent Paint

Posted on 21th May 2019

If you own or use a warehouse, you have a responsibility to protect both its contents and workers from such emergencies as fires. Fire Resistant Intumescent Paint can be used on steel structures to keep them protected in the event of a fire. Intumescent Paint is a protective coat of paint used on timber, plasterboard or steelwork. It usually comes in white and can be overcoated with topcoats for a decorative finish.

New South Wales Spray Coatings Specialist (NSWSCS) provide an unparalleled Intumescent Paint Sydney Service for warehouses in all shapes and sizes. Below we will discuss how Intumescent Paints work and their benefits.

Fire Proofing Sydney

How Does Intumescent Paint Work?

Intumescent Paint works by reacting to high temperatures which cause the chemicals in the paint to foamy and form a solidified char. This protects the steel (or other material) underneath and prevents it from bending, buckling, losing strength and more. Through this process, firefighters are better able to control the fire and helps to subdue the spread of the fire. Furthermore, and most importantly, it aids in giving more time for people to escape and keep the fire contained to a smaller area.

There are different levels of fireproofing for Intumescent Paints ranging from 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes or more). Depending on your building regulations, you may require a level of Intumescent Paint.

How Do Fire Rating Spraying Sydney Services Like NSWSCS Apply Intumescent Paint?

Intumescent Paint can be effectively applied quickly via brush or roller with only a few coats. Larger areas can be applied via an airless sprayer. Intumescent Paints can also implement a primer and topcoat for an effective finish.
Fire Proofing Sydney experts like NSWSCS provide an effective Intumescent Paint Sydney Service that is both protective and aesthetically pleasing.

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