Intumescent Paint: How Does It Work and Why Is It Needed?

Posted on 14th February 2020

Intumescent Paints are an essential form of protection against fire for homes, businesses and industrial premises around the world. They are classified as ‘Reactive Paints’ because of their reactive abilities when exposed to high temperatures (exceeding 120 degrees). In the event of a fire, they will intumesce and swell up to 50 times its original size and form a carbon layer which thermally insulates the surface beneath it. Intumescent Steel Paint works to maintain temperatures below 550 degrees or 620 degrees for specific periods of time (30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes).

Why Intumescent Paint Is Needed

Intumescent Paint is used to protect and maintain the structural steel frame of a building. When it reaches a certain temperature (between 550 and 620 degrees), it starts to buckle and fall into irreparable damage. Below these critical temperatures, steel is able to bend and deflect temperatures while still being able to return to its original state once the fire is out.

Intumescent Paint protects a building’s structure, whether applied to steel, timber or plaster.

Through its insulating abilities, Intumescent Paint also gives occupants of a building more time to evacuate, as well as take out any valuable objects that may remain. This insulating ability is also a vital way to stop fires from spreading damage further around the premises.

Our Fire-Proofing Intumescent Paints

At NSW Spray Coatings Specialist, we provide NSW residents with the highest-quality Fire Proofing Paint/Fire Retardant Paints at affordable prices.

Our two main Intumescent Products are:

  • Firefree 88-“FF88”: a superior yet cost-effective fireproofing paint. It is correctly certified to Australian standards and is used in a number of industries. It can resist up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Only a thin layer is required despite its immense durability. FireFree 88 is recommended for residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial projects including schools, restaurants, hotels and assisted living. It can also be applied to timber, structural decks, fences and underfloor areas.
  • Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3: an exceptional fireproofing product, it is popularly used for fire protection for Structural Steel Columns, Beam Coatings and used by Building & Construction Industries for its powerful industrial protection. Its application is easy and is generally sprayed on surfaces but with brush and roller also possible. It can also be sealed and decorated with a topcoat. It protects up to 120 minutes during exposure to critical temperatures.

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