Importance of Fire Proofing

Posted on 26th July 2019

Nowadays, fire safety management is seen to be neglected at the earliest stages of planning construction projects. No matter what the reason is, be it to reduce the cost or the mere misunderstanding that it is not necessary. But often there is a lack of specific smoke ventilation seen in building designs. At times it happens that these requirements are considered after planning as an afterthought. What then happens is, by that time it is difficult to integrate the most effective solution for that and it obviously results in compromises and may be expensive solutions. But doing compromise on fire safety is not at all worth, after all it is about the safety of the people in that particular building. Also it is about reducing the damage that is caused to the building as well by doing Fire Proofing.

Fire Rating Spraying

So regretting later when some accidents happen is not at all a solution. Better would be to take care of fire safety management and fire proofing with utmost importance just as any other area of planning. Always plan, as if fire will happen. Because a small leniency or ignorance can cost you so much if at all an accident like that happens. So always foresee that and go forward which will only do good for you in the long run.

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