How To Tell If Your Workplace Is Fireproof?

Posted on 18th June 2019

A safe workplace is the best guarantee a business-owner can give their staff. Fireproof Paints – also known as Intumescent Paints to Experts in the Building and Painting Industry, fire-proof your business premises. They keep your business – but more importantly, your Staff – SAFE.

You can put a price on everything except safety

When you’re a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’ve got to think about staff, clients, safety, revenue, salaries, rent, electricity – as the responsibilities add up – so do the costs. Painting your premises with fire-retardant intumescent paint takes one important issue – your staff’s safety – off your plate

And some would even argue – even your books. There are legal issues when it comes to your responsibility to provide your staff with an environment that’s safe for them to work in. This is not an issue, you want to argue with, as a business owner.

Fire Proofing Sydney

The way to fire-proof your premises is to use a fire-rated spray coating

Commercial painters in Sydney fire-proof business premises by using special Fire-retardant or Fire Proof, Intumescent Sprays which undercoat Paints. Should a fire break out in your office – this can easily happen if someone is careless with a lit cigarette or if you store Petrol, Oil or Inflammable Substances in your Commercial Premise or warehouse, then the Undercoat will retard its growth and its flames from spreading.

NSWSCS Painters is a specialist in Fireproof Paints in Sydney

We are an accredited user of CAFCO SprayFilm ® QB3 Promat. From day one, our goal has been to bring ‘rarely-seen’ expertise in Fire-retardant and ‘Fire-proof Paints’ to Sydney’s Business Community. Our determination, hard work ethic and commitment to fire-proofing our client’s business premises thoroughly and without compromise is what has made us, NSWSCS a Spray Coating Specialist that you can trust to make your premises safe.

10 Tips and Tricks to Fireproof your Premises

  • Have a Fire Safety and a Fire Evacuation plan in Place
  • Have Fire Extinguishers located in various parts of your building as required by the Fire Safety Laws of NSW
  • Teach your staff how to use a Fire Extinguisher
  • Conduct regular Fire Drills
  • Check the safety of electrical point at least once every year
  • Understand what products in your storage area are inflammable – and keep them away from people
  • Use fire-resistant materials and fire-resistant paints that will retard fires and prevent them from spreading in the unfortunate event that they should occur
  • Ensure sprinklers, hosepipes and other Fire Extinguishing Devices are working
  • Get advice on ‘How to Fire-proof your Premises from an Expert in the Fire-Proof Paint’ or Intumescent Paint industry
  • Keep the number of your Local Fire Department Handy

To discuss fire-proofing your premises with Intumescent Paint Sydney, please call us now on 1800 825 258.