How Does Electrostatic Spray painting Work?

Posted on 20th November 2018

The automotive industry uses electrostatic charge as an efficient and cost effective method to apply paint to vehicles.  Here are a few things regarding electrostatic spray painting, its working, benefits and precautions to take while spraying. To know more about electrostatic spray painting and to avail our services contact or make a line to the NSW Spray Coatings Specialist at 1800 825 258.

How Does Electrostatic Spray painting Work

Applying Electrostatic Paint:

There are basically two methods of applying electrostatic paint. A negative charge is applied to the paint while it’s in the reservoir. This charge is applied to the barrel of the spray paint gun. It rubs against the sides of the nozzle and gains a negative electric charge as the paint is propelled through the paint gun. The vehicle to be painted needs to be positively charged for applying the electrostatic paint. This creates a magnetic attraction to the negatively charged paint. Due to this reason, when the paint is sprayed through the nozzle, it is attracted to the vehicles positive charge and thus sticks to it. Due to this charge, when the paint leaves the nozzle, it is attracted to the vehicle’s charge and will stick to it.

Benefits of Electrostatic Spray Painting:

There are several benefits of using electrostatic spray painting for vehicles. The vehicles have many different angles. This type of painting makes strong bonds with the object more evenly. This method ensures more paint lands on the charged vehicle than the surface around the vehicle, thus saving paint. As the paint is distributed more uniformly, it creates a better looking finish.

Precautions While Using Electrostatic Spray Paint Guns:

Make sure you work at properly ventilated areas and cover most of your skin as a protection. Wearing ear and eye protection mask is also a best option. Use a glove with a grounding strap or Electrostatic Spray Painting glove to prevent the spray hitting back to the painter. Electrostatic Spray Painting glove has a continuous conductive silver strip that runs from the inside surface of the palm to the outside surface of the glove. This grounds the painter while spraying to avoid spray back.