NSW Bushfire Protection: Give Your Property Passive Fire Protection with Intumescent Paint

Posted on 14th February 2020

With some of the worst bushfires in recent memory having devasted properties and wildlife across Australia this year, Passive Fire Protection with Intumescent Paint is now a topic of interest. Intumescent Paint is used everywhere from residential properties, large buildings like warehouses, art galleries and rural properties. If you would like to give your home or property that extra level of protection from bushfires, then Intumescent Paint is the perfection option.

What Is Intumescent Paint?

Intumescent Paint, also known as Intumescent Coatings, is a Fire-Resistant Paint used in properties and buildings as a Passive Fire Resistance measure. They work by expanding and becoming a foam when exposed to high temperatures, providing a thick and protective coating for the object or surface beneath it. They can even expand to more than 100 times thickness and by becoming less dense in the process, it works as an insulator that keeps the high temperatures (such as from bushfires) away from the structure and protected openings underneath it.

Intumescent Paint can give you up to 120 minutes of passive fire protection. In a dangerous and life threatening situation that is enough time to evacuate the building and save lives. Intumescent paint also helps to protect the structural integrity of a building, which means that your property might be saved with minimal damage despite the fire.

Why Choose Intumescent Paint for Passive Fire Protection from Bushfires?

Through their protective chemical reaction, Intumescent Painting protects the surfaces it covers, giving families more time to evacuate and also protect their property from bushfires, as well as give more time for firefighters to arrive. Most commonly, Intumescent Paint is applied to structural steel members but can be applied to a wide range of materials during or after the construction of a building. These surfaces include timer framing and cladding, structural deck and pergola columns, power poles and fences.

The main functions that Intumescent Paints have in the event of a bushfire are:

  • Protects surfaces from the damaged caused by bushfires
  • It does not propagate fire
  • It prevents the spread of fire through its non-flammable expansive chemical reactions
  • Allows more time for firefighters to arrive to treat the bushfire

NSW Spray Coatings Specialist: We Specialise In Intumescent Painting

NSW Spray Coatings Specialist is one of the industry’s finest Intumescent Painting provider for protection from bushfires in NSW. We use premium brands of Intumescent Paints such as Firefree 88 (FF88) and Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3. They are durable, high-quality, easily applied and provided with an eye-pleasing and decorative finish.

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