Fire Protection Spray Painting: What Benefits Does It Offer?

Posted on 29th September 2018

Fire protection spray painting is a precaution essential for the safety of the property and occupants to reduce the risk of damage in the event of a fire. Protecting the structural frame of a building in the event of a fire will help protect the occupants. NSW Spray Coatings Specialist offers the following information on spray coating that can help save property and lives.

Fire Protection Spray Painting: What Benefits Does It Offer

The Protection of The Structural Frame in The Event of a Fire

Codes and regulations are of primary importance when it comes to a fire-resistant spray coating. Fire protection spraying can be applied to nearly any building materials and goes beyond protecting a building structurally. It also saves lives. The paint coating exceeds the “ordinary” of standard resistant listing standards. Fire rating is achieved with an application and can provide the endurance of one to two-hour fire protection when a fire occurs. The difference in protection that can mean life or death, and the difference between a hefty insurance claim or one that is not as drastic due to extensive fire damage.

Looks Aesthetically Pleasing

Fire resistant paint is designed to delay and prevent the spread of fire; so, just how ugly is it? Is it thick? Is it bubbly? Is it something like an ugly primer colour? You’d almost think so by the sounds of it. But, be surprised. Fire resistant spray coating is undetectable. You don’t have to sacrifice the look of a building to give it passive fire protection.

Fire Resistant Spray Coating Is Odourless

Fire resistant spray coating offers non-toxic, and odourless, fire-resistance. Fire resistant paint also protects surfaces from mould. Even when the coating expands during a fire, there is no odour or toxic fumes to deal with, making it a great product for passive fire protection without any nasty side effects or complications to worry about.

NSW Spray Coatings Specialist provides fire resistant coating and paint that does protect the structure of a building, as well as its occupants. We know the safety measures that help saves lives, and we apply them daily. For more information on our services, or to contact us for a quote, please call the number below, or visit our homepage to complete our online enquiry form.

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