Everything You Need to Know About Intumescent Paint

Posted on 21th March 2019

What Intumescent Paint does to your Residential or Commercial Building is Fire-proof it. Fire-proof paint or Intumescent paint is a specialised paint only a few painters in Sydney are authorised to use. NSW Spray Coatings Specialist (NSWSCS) is an authorised painter in this regard. We help our clients fire-proof their commercial buildings, warehouses or even homes against the dangers fire can pose to them. When it comes to Intumescent Painting Services Sydney, we are the best there is.

Why you need Intumescent Paint?

A fire can break-out anytime, anywhere. Its cost to a business can be very damaging. A single fire can wipe out hundreds of thousands worth of commercial building assets in literally a matter of minutes. Intumescent paint can help minimise the damage in the event of a fire, earning you precious time to contain and put out the fire.

Intumescent Paint Sydney

Fires come in two types – cellulosic or hydrocarbon

Cellulosic fires are fed by highly combustible material – timber, furniture, paper, plastics, and other such common material. Cellulosic fires can reach temperatures higher than 500 degrees centigrade. They can melt or warp steel- easily. Hydrocarbon fires are caused by oil, gas or petrol. They can burn for months on end. 9/11 was a case where jet plane fuel caused a hydrocarbon fire that literally brought the Twin Towers down.

Intumescent Paints prevent fires and the heavy damage they cause

A Fire Protection System, rather than a mere paint, Intumescent Paint can be classified into two types: Active and Passive fire-rated paints. Based on an advanced chemical formulation, Intumescent Paints contain a Flame Suppressant. While not exactly a Panadol paint, the benefit of Intumescent Paints is that they reduce the chances of a blaze wiping out a Commercial or Residential Building you may own – significantly.

Can you paint over Intumescent paint?

Yes, you can paint over Intumescent Paint – but the question is why-why would you want to? Regular paints carry inflammable properties within them. So, when you’re painting a property development, use one paint system – not two. Or you dilute the benefits of Intumescent Paint and they get watered down.

How much do Intumescent Paints cost?

It all depends on the coverage area of the building or warehouse you wish to paint. The greater the wall coverage area, the higher the price your paint job will be.

Is Intumescent Paint right for you?

The best way to find out is to talk to an expert in Commercial Painting Projects in Sydney. NSW Spray Coatings Specialist is authorised to use Intumescent Paints. A Commercial Painter with years of experience and hundreds of Commercial Painting Projects under our belt, we can tell you everything you wanted to know about Intumescent Paints – but didn’t know who to ask!

To learn more about Intumescent Paints, please call NSWSCS at  1800 825 258.