Everything You Need To Know About Electrostatic Spray Painting

Posted on 16th September 2019

Electrostatic spray painting is one of the methods that can reduce the problems with uneven coverage as well as overspray that often results from using a regular spray painter. The Electrostatic painting cost varies based upon different factors; an electrostatic painter generally charges three thousand to five thousand per hour while on the other hand powder coating is charged according to per piece. Therefore, the automotive industry utilizes electrostatic charge as the most efficient and cost-effective method to apply paint to vehicles.

The main motive of the electrostatic process is to get as much coating material on the part as possible as well as remove wasteful overspray. The Electrostatic spray painting is the process in which the magnetic field is used to apply paint to metals as well as various other types of plastics. This painting is based upon the principle of opposite attract. It can be used on aluminum doors, windows, and frames, color bond fences, balustrades, garage doors as well as lift doors and reveals. Though many companies provide Electrostatic Spray Painting services NSWSCS is considered as the best.
Electrostatic Spray Painting

How does it work?

In electrostatic painting, the item which has to be painted receives a negative charge from a negative charge electrode which looks like a battery cable. The paint has a positive charge and it is sprayed on utilizing a revolving nozzle. The positive, as well as negative charges, attract paint to the metal surface just like a magnet. Later the paint seeks grounded objects and wraps around the object that is being painted. This takes place because the attraction between the opposite charges is very strong that draws the paint around the object, thus totally covering the surface. There is no mess from overspray as the paint is attracted statically to the metal in any way.

The target market for electrostatic painting is very broad. It is extensively used for manufacturing office furniture, appliances as well as automobiles. Electrostatic spray painting offers immense advantages. Therefore, the professionals at NSWSCS demand very minimal Electrostatic Painting Cost.

Pros of electrostatic spray painting

It helps in creating a strong bond and shield three-dimensional objects more evenly with a good edge as well as wrap-around coverage. Through this painting, you can also save the paint due to its high transfer efficiency. It helps in creating a better-looking finish as the paint is spread uniformly. Electrostatic painting is considered as one of the most efficient, cost-effective and clean methods of painting. It is capable of producing durable as well as a smooth coating that ensures that the paint will last for many coming years. The surface of the painted object is hygienic as it is non-porous and impermeable to chemicals utilized for cleaning.

Equipment and additional materials

The equipment that generally comes with an electrostatic spray unit comprises a spray gun, air & paint hoses as well as grounding cable. You will also require two types of adapters; round tip for irregularly shaped objects and flat tip adapter for painting large flat objects.

Thus, if you are looking for Electrostatic Spray Painting Services, you can contact NSWSCS today.