What are the Different Types of Fire Protection Systems to Use for Structural Steel?

Posted on 12th November 2019

Steel is very commonly used in building and construction. While it is a strong and durable material it is not impervious, which is why it’s important to use fire protection systems such as Intumescent Paint to protect steel structures.

Modern global trends see building constructions increasingly using more steel, whatever type or purpose the building serves. Why? Because steel is an extremely versatile material to use in all stages of a building’s construction. It is also very recyclable and brings a level of stability that most other construction materials don’t.

The Following are 3 Important Fire Protection Systems to Use for Structural Steel:

Intumescent Paints

Intumescent Paints are the most popular and generally most effective Fire Protection System. Some of the reasons why they are the most widely used fire protection system include:

  • They are affordable
  • Only a thin layer is required
  • They allow the original structural appearance to remain the same
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and versatile
  • They offer up to 120 minutes of fire protection

Intumescent Fire Stopping Paints coat steel materials and maintain a similar state to other painting materials at an inactive, ambient temperature. However, during high temperature ranges from 200 to 250 degrees Celsius, an incredible array of chemical reactions occur that help protects the steel construction beneath them. During these high temperatures, the Intumescent Paint swells and can reach up to 50 times its original thickness, providing fire protection and fire-resistant ratings up to 2 hours.

Some advantages of using Intumescent Paint for Fireproofing Steel include:

  • They are easy and quick to apply
  • They are durable
  • They are able to be repaired and maintained easily
  • They can easily cover complex shapes, awkward angles and access every nook and cranny

Other Fire Protection Systems include:

Fire Stopping Sprays

Fire Rated Sprays are generally made up of cement fibres, vermiculite and plaster. They can be easily and quickly applied through spraying application and range in thickness anywhere from 10 to 70 mm. They can be used if maintaining aesthetics is not important.

Fire Stopping Boards

Fire Stopping Boards are a clean, waterproof and cost-effective Fire Protection system that can be applied to non-painted steel construction. Although strong and durable, they are more suited to regular shapes such as columns and beams. Their material depends on the manufacturer and so don’t have a specific fire rating. They vary from heavy-weight to light-weight, with lighter fire-stopping boards more suited when an aesthetic view is of importance.

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