All About Fire Proofing

Posted on 28th March 2019

Nowadays, there are very high precautions taken to resist any kind of fire accidents. One of them would definitely be fireproofing. It is very beneficial to do that in Timber Framing, Timber Cladding, Structural deck and pergola columns, Underfloor areas, Roof space ember attack areas, Power poles, External timber, Fences, etc. The fire-resistant intumescent coating is a construction material that is commonly used in Europe. It is a thin film, but the benefit in having it in case of a fire is that it will expand by 20-50 times creating a thermal barrier and protecting the steel frame from collapsing.

Fire Proofing in Sydney

The thin coating makes a stylish appearance and design flexibility as well as ease of application. Its significant benefits allow fire-resistant intumescent coatings to be applicable to exposed steel frame surfaces often found in recent architectural styles used for atriums and showrooms where conventional fire-resistant coatings pose many difficulties.

There is this company in Sydney call NSWSCS who are well known to be Spray Painting Coatings Specialist. Those who are familiar with the company Zoran The Painter.Com Pty Ltd. it will be a pleasure to know that NSWSCS is their sister company who are specialized in protective coatings which are an important and necessary part of construction now. Zoran

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