5 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Fire Resistant Coating

Posted on 21th February 2019

If you are thinking about investing in Fire Resistant Coating for your property, it means that safety is a top priority for you. Fire Resistant Coatings (also known as Fire Retardant coatings) are more sought-after now than ever before as people, businesses and organizations realise their Fireproofing benefits. Fire Proofing allows you to greatly increase the safety of your residential or commercial property at an affordable cost. By hiring experts like NSW Spray Coating Specialist, you can ensure that the coating is applied as expertly as possible and you get the safety that you deserve.Fire Proofing Sydney

1. Durability

When buying a Fire Resistant Coating, it is important to consider how durable it is in several ways. Fire Proofing Spray coatings are Intumescent Products, which means they swell up when heated and thus protect the material underneath them or while sealing a gap in case of a fire. It is recommended to use a Fire Resistant Coating that is effective and durable. In addition to this, a good product will also last for many years without the need for re-coating.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Products listed as being Fire Retardant or Fire Resistant must comply with all relevant ‘Fire Retardant Regulations’. It is important to choose a product that follows these regulations to ensure its effectiveness in the event of a fire.

3. How Many Minutes of Passive Fire Resistance Does it Offer?

A Fire Resistant Coating can vary in the amount of time it offers Passive Fire Resistance. At NSWSCS, we use two products: the FF88 and Cafco SPRAYFILM WB3 Fire Rating Spraying can provide up to 120 minutes of fire resistance.

4. Risk Assessment

It is important, as with all chemicals, to assess the risks of using a Fire Retardant or Fire Resistant Coating. In the case of Spray Paint, there may need to be safety precautions followed due to the possible inhalation of fumes. If you want to ensure that the coating is applied professionally and safely, there are experts such as NSW Spray Coatings Specialist who can do this for you at an affordable rate.

5. Is it the Right Product for the Surface/Area to be Covered?

Various Fire Resistant Coatings will be made for specific surfaces. For example, some coatings will be made for metals, wood, fabrics and even glass. When choosing an Intumescent Product, make sure it is suited for the surface you have in mind, whether in your home, business, industrial space or machinery.

The FF88 is a non-toxic, water-based fire retardant and resistant paint ideal for surfaces made of timber, plaster, thin gauge metal, foam, fiberglass, and composite materials. The Cafco SPRAYFILM WB3 is used for steel-based products, providing fire resistance and helping protect the structural integrity of steel frames in the event of a fire.

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